This is where the adventure begins. Here you can buy your entrance ticket, enjoy a meal at the main restaurant, visit the shop and have an ice cream or snacks on the sun terrace. For those looking for excitement, there is the Illusion Passageway. The restaurant seats 60 guests indoors and 200 guests partly under cover on the terrace. Here different varied menus are served and of course there are plenty of options for children.


This is Virtual Reality, but created by your own brain – no computers are involved. The visitor puts on a ‘mirror helmet’ and then enters a dark world where only the ceiling is lit. Here the effects hanging from ceiling create chaos in your brain!


This is the party place, a lively location which creates an atmosphere like a funfair or amusement park at its very best. During the day you can ride on the merry-go-rounds or play tombola at certain times. In the evening between 6 pm and 10 pm all the attractions are action-packed to the top.


Adventure golf for real, for the first time in Åland! If you play golf, or if you are curious about how it feels, these 18 holes give a great idea of how captivating it can be to play ‘real’ golf! The fairways are 15-20 m long. If you are just keen to win over your friends or other family members, this is a good place to do so.


Two kiddy car tracks. Both tracks are fast and laid on a gravel bed. There is a longer track (approx. 200 m) for older children and a smaller one for younger children (approx. 100 m). Off road for crazy drivers, on the large track one drives through a ‘Dunlop tunnel’ and over an intersecting track via a bridge and most of it involves true racing. On both tracks, races for 5 to 10 participants are organised.


The four hydraulic excavators operating as real excavators are placed in a square and all dig towards the centre. The site is covered with an imaginative roof which protects against the sun and rain. The site is lined with benches for parents.


Electric-powered trucks and tractors (10 trucks with trailers and 5 tractors with trailers) drive around in a landscape that we call ‘From cow to table’. The action here illustrates, for example, the collection of a milk churn from a farm and driving it to the dairy and leaving it there. The churn has a round base and fits only in the dairy’s facade. The same applies to other products which children handle.


Here there is an imaginatively designed house in which different sand formations or sandcastle cakes are baked; either one of all different shapes is used or else they are created using a baking paddle. In the ‘bakery’ there are benches, utensils and a water bank. There is also a giant model of the Plastic Factory’s successful model truck with a tipper.


An arena for about 2,000 people, depending on the ‘seating’ and performance. Here all kinds of entertainment will be offered. The arena is partly themed as a ruin and is inspired by the Bomarsund fortress. The arena is built in a gigantic semicircle and lies on a slope of approximately 30 degrees. The surface layer consists of soft artificial grass and is very comfortable to sit on.


The stage is tailor-made for different kinds of activities and purposes. During the first season the stage will host a children’s theatre with two daily performances. The play feature the park’s figure Spark and his adventures.


There are two different balance scooter tracks, a ‘technology track’ and a ‘terrain track’. On the technology track, movement is slower and both easy and difficult obstacles will be encountered. The terrain track is fast and has everything from ‘Woops’ to minor jumps. The tracks are approx. 200 m long each and are also suitable for competitions. There are 10 machines and the plan is that 5 should run on each track.


This is a water war ‘for real’ and, moreover, with a historical setting and theme. Here there are two castles to be defended with twelve water cannons and a number of obstacles in the form of various climbing nets, crawling mazes and ramps. Here there are also four ships which also have twelve water cannons and various obstacles to defend themselves with.


At the 4H (Head, Heart, Hand and Health) farm is a barn, a residential building, a windmill and a number of smaller houses in which the animals spend the night. Here there are paddocks with small animals, rabbits, chickens, goats and lambs which kids can pet or study, all enclosed in the old style. Here 4-H staff are on hand to help children go around and teach them how the animals function and why.


The lake has a water surface area of approx. 4,000 m2, with a large café on a peninsula. Around the lake there are jetties with boat houses and activities. There are a number of different types of boats, large electric ferries for 5 people, radio-controlled fishing boats, ‘Bumper Boats’ and rope rafts. The ferries are ‘steered’ through channels and back to port.


The café is the centre point of the ‘lake district’; here people gather, sunbathe and rest after time spent sailing. 100-120 seats and a stimulating ‘sea view’. Here you can eat grilled food or enjoy a coffee and ice cream. The café is linked to the east with a long wooden bridge which leads on to the other side of the lake.