Before your visit

We focus on children’s safty and we kindly ask you to respect the following rules.


  • Please bring an extra set of clothes in case you get wet when playing water war.
  • Bring warm clothes as the wind can be cold at times.
  • Please help us to keep Smart Park tidy, place the trays in the carts and the litter in the bins.
  • Empty children’s pockets so that they don’t lose their small valuables when playing.
  • There is a restaurant, a large sun terrace and a café in the area, but you can also bring you own picnic.


  • Parents and guardians are responsible for their children. To avoid any accidents, we kindly ask all visitors together to keep an eye on all playing children.
  • The water is for boats, not for guests. In case we see somebody falling into the water, we act as it was an emergency situation.
  • Please don’t feed the farm animals with your own food.
  • If there is a quey, please wait for your turn.
  • The emergency exits shall not be blocked at any time.
  • Please put all litter into the bins.
  • Please contact the staff in case of emergency.
  • Violent behaviour or games are not allowed at Smart Park.
  • At closing time all visitors are requested to exit via the main entrance.
  • All thefts at Smart Park are reported to the police
  • It is allowed to bring pets into the park.